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So today I went to a hypnotist

And one of the acts he told us “on the count of 3 I will talk with the people in the crowd, but when I turn around you will see a hole in my jeans and I am wearing a pink thong from Victoria secret.” So when the act started I paused than went up to him and said…

"this is great for the feminine movement. There’s no boys side of the store and girls side of the store, there is the store." I shook his hand, smiled, than he said "there needs to be more people like you." 




1998 Gaming Magazine

Hindsight is hilarious.

playstation: how long does it have?

into eternity and forever

Project X: is it for real?


Dreamcast: can it be stopped?

in its tracks

nintendo 64: can it survive

it could survive the seventy-fifth annual hunger games armed with nothing but a mildly rotten cantaloupe and a set of assembly instructions for an ikea desk

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